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  • What is Vale Tudo?

    What is Vale Tudo?

    Translated literally from Portuguese, Vale Tudo indicates “Anything Goes” in a competitive combat sport setting. At first glance this may seem more alarming than it actually is, with the phrase “anything goes” referring to the absence of restrictions on hand to hand fighting style and technique with no holds barred. Essentially, there is the smallest ruleset that restricts the fighters’ in technique in Vale Tudo when compared to other combat sport competition formats. For instance, in Boxing kicking or grappling techniques are not permitted, only striking with the frontal part of the fist. “Anything goes” in the sense of style and types of ....

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  • 5AM  "You'll leave feeling better than when you walked in..."

    5AM "You'll leave feeling better than when you walked in..."

    Feel too tired after work to do workout? Understandable. Things add up, throughout your day, work, kids, scheduling, plans, money, stress, etc etc.. For those of us who put in FT hours (Jobs/Schooling), it's VERY easy to fall out of the habit of exercising. Day 1 is an easy excuse "my rest day", then comes Day 2 "ahh I'll go tomorrow", Day 3 "I'll go back after this weekend", from there the vicious cycle takes over... 5AM. SOUNDS early, yes.. because it is.. to some. "Time is just a notion." When it comes to your goals, how much of YOUR time do you honestly invest to achieve them? For those of you who play video games, recount the time you spent 3-5+ hours grinding to get to the ....

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  • 3 hacks to progressing quickly in JiuJitsu and other sports

    3 hacks to progressing quickly in JiuJitsu and other sports

    If you want to get good fast you've got to put in the time...and not just time training. There's great ticks of the trade and you'll learn many as you continue on your journey but in this short blog I want to share three proven ways to increase you own skill exponentially.

    -Help out in the youth class -keep a journal -record yourself training ...hear me out.

    Helping in the youth class The most effective yet often dismissed practice is helping out in the youth class. A common mistake many make is too much focus on high level technique while dismissing the fundamentals. No matter the level of athlete, everyone needs constant sharpening of the basics. Due to the nature ....

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  • If you're fighting in the gym, you're doing it wrong

    I want to share a few thoughts on gym etiquette and proper frame of mind when training. From Fitness Boxing to Advanced Striking toSparring, it's all a form of training but if you find yourself fighting in the gym, you need to step back and reflect. Let's preface this with a quick clarification of, and defining the word "fight". I think for most people who are unfamiliar with boxing and other combat sportsit all looks like a fight. It looks like a violent crazy mess of bodies, but that's not the way a regular practitioner of these sports would describe their experience. For instance, a fight is what would happen if I had to defend myself, or someone I love. A fight would be what ....

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  • Don't Exercise, TRAIN

    Don't Exercise, TRAIN

    Don’t exercise. TRAIN. When I think of exercise, I think chore. When I think exercise, I think FML. Exercise is 45 minutes you’re trying to get checked off your to-do list. Training is about personal growth and meeting achievement. Yes, we all need “exercise”. Some of us might need it more than others, but exercise is unfulfilling. It’s usually based on some superficial desire to not be “fat” or is an expectation of others, maybe because they care, but that doesn’t make it suck less. Training is about goal setting. Training is about an awareness of where you are physically and where you’re going. It’s about finding joy in the ....

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  • Defining line between coach and trainer

    Defining line between coach and trainer

    They call this guy Coach, because he is their coach. He is THE Brass Boxing Coach. Don't YOU forget it. He's not some "trainer" playing coach, although he is certified, or some fellow athlete wearing the coaches hat while the REAL coach is out, or a homie corning his boy WHO doesn't actually have a coach. He's a real coach. The kind who truly impacts the lives he touches, kids and adults alike. SOME may not know the depths of his career because Austen is not a braggart, but that's okay because I am :) Ten years ago he was at the end of his short but very successful Boxing carreer after a devastating diagnosis of a genetic eye disorder. He had already been investing his time with the ....

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  • women should be in Jiu Jitsu : without it you may suffocate

    women should be in Jiu Jitsu : without it you may suffocate

    One of the things I remember most about my first few Jiu Jitsu classes is the feeling of suffocation. Jiu Jitsu is essentially learning to fight on the ground making it a phenomenal self defense training opportunity. To someone who knows nothing of this life changing sport, it looks a lot like wrestling. It puts people in your personal space. Your hot, tired and the feeling of panic creeps in as someone tries to hold you down. When I was in class I would often feel as though a blanket was over my head when my opponent was closer than 18 inches. Now, what if your in a dangerous situation? Can you imagine the fear one would endure? The panic and a feeling of suffocation setting in as ....

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  • Families that train together.....

    Families that train together.....

    This is by far the best Brass picture of all time. I think it boils down to the root of why Brass continues to stand to this day. A family that trains together conquers life together. That was always the plan. That was always the big picture, business model, longer term goal, whatever you want to call it. We wanted to train together as a family, beside families which are our closes friends. Welcome to Brass. Kansas City's one and only. ....

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  • Father and son train together in Kansas City

    Father and son train together in Kansas City

    Don and Jack Olsen are a pair of our favorite members. Father and son, together they train in Martial Arts and Boxing as well as self-defense and life skills. This picture here is the two of them taking a turn mopping up after Jiu Jitsu Class ....

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  • Youth Belt Testing for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Kansas City

    Youth Belt Testing for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Kansas City

    Belt Testing allows for proper r ecognition our athletes can rely on as well as proper placement if our youngsters or adults choose to compete. Plus, it feels good. It's amazing how a little confidence can change everything. #brassfamily . Kansas City Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ....

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