Don't Exercise, TRAIN

Don't Exercise, TRAIN

Don’t exercise.  TRAIN.
When I think of exercise, I think chore.
When I think exercise, I think FML.
Exercise is 45 minutes you’re trying to get checked off your to-do list.  Training is about personal growth and meeting achievement.   Yes, we all need “exercise”. Some of us might need it more than others, but exercise is unfulfilling.  It’s usually based on some superficial desire to not be “fat” or is an expectation of others, maybe because they care, but that doesn’t make it suck less. 
Training is about goal setting.  Training is about an awareness of where you are physically and where you’re going.  It’s about finding joy in the little victories.  I’m talking about victories based on physical feets, not just the needle of a scale.  For many of you, this is does not require a change in activity, but rather, requires a change in mindset.  Find ways to measure your progress and if you find that it’s difficult to measure the activity you need to find new ways to get active.  For instance, if you count mowing the lawn or walking the dog (who marks his spot every 5 min) as your form of daily exercise, then you need to reevaluate the way you’re taking care of yourself.  Those activities are nearly impossible to measure, therefore will never give you results, which is what we’re all looking for.
There’s lots of ways to train your body without changing too much of your life, for example, pushups.  How many pushup can you do?  Once a day max out your pushups, then grow your max.  walla, you’re training.  Now, I know you can do better than that, but as you can see a few minor adjustments and your training your body to be more powerful tomorrow than it is today.  If you run, jog or power walk, you better have a fit bit, now start setting some goals. Weight lifting is one of the oldest most effective ways to train your body.  Go get you a trainer to keep track of your training, IT’S WORTH IT.  There’s also training which is not based on a number but an accomplishment.  One of my favorites is Jiu Jitsu training.  This is a sport which combines the training of the body and the mind in a way which is unparalleled.   Through hard work and dedication a Jiu Jitsu practitioner can enter into a Jiu Jitsu tournament. This is an event where humans who have been training in a similar fashion can test their skills against one another in a safe environment. 
Through training you will find a community.  You’ll find like-minded people who are pursuing the same or similar goals as you.  Training will give you results that “exercise” never could.  It’s inspiring. It’s painfully frustrating at times.  Training drives you to show up at the gym because you need your daily dose of training partners.  More than that, training changes your own self-worth.  Training strengthens your grit.  It gives you courage and follow-through. 
Stop using the word exercise.  It’s ruining the experience in the journey to becoming powerful.  When your friends call tell them you’re training, let them know that you’re an athlete and you take your goals seriously.

 Lindsey Ford

*grammatical errors > work in progress

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