3 hacks to progressing quickly in JiuJitsu and other sports

3 hacks to progressing quickly in JiuJitsu and other sports

If you want to get good fast you've got to put in the time...and not just time training.  There's great ticks of the trade and you'll learn many as you continue on your journey but in this short blog I want to share three proven ways to increase you own skill exponentially.  

-Help out in the youth class
-keep a journal
-record yourself training
                  ...hear me out.

Helping in the youth class
The most effective yet often dismissed practice is helping out in the youth class.  A common mistake many make is too much focus on high level technique while dismissing the fundamentals.  No matter the level of athlete, everyone needs constant sharpening of the basics.  Due to the nature of coaching kids the youth class is highly focused on solid fundamentals.  Getting in class and being there to support the head coach will open your perspective to a whole other side, as if your can see the technique inside out.  In a way, because it's kids (and basics), the motion slows down allowing the mind to get a birds eye view. At first glance, I'm sure you may be skeptical that a bunch of rug rats can truly change your game, but I assure you, the kids will change your game more than you'll ever change theirs.   If you're someone who wants to jump in and help but are unsure if your presents will be welcome or if your skill is up to par, you need not worry.  Even if you're a wallflower there to cheer on the kidos and/or help keep them in line with a simple "lets go guys, pay attention".  It is eye opening.  you don't have to do this every day or even every week, but if I was someone who wanted to get very good quickly, I'd be in a youth class once in a while.  This is true for both boxing and JiuJitsu and it's especially true for parents who are also practitioners.  For many of you this is a matter of simply showing up to your own class a little early so you can jump in the youth class before your own. While we are talking about the benefits for your own personal gain, this obviously has major benefits to our youth, our coaches and overall health of the Brass program.  Talk to the coach if you have questions about getting involved in the youth program.

Keep a Journal
Anything you want to get better at, write it down.  We've all heard this before.   This is obviously excellent for all sports including boxing but i want to take a second to emphasize the benefits of journaling for JiuJitsu.  This concept was really driven home for me by a past coach of ours, Josh Littleton.   This man always keeps a journal in his bag.   To know Josh, is to know he journals,  The benefits were astounding for him as they are for any body.  Josh's ability to not only execute but articulate a JiuJitsu sequence with such accuracy is mind blowing.   The best way to really grasp what I'm trying to explain is to do it yourself.  After your next BJJ class go home and journal the lesson and not just the name of some move you did that day.  Write down the step-by-step instructions of each lesson at the end of every class.  It will make you question your own intelligence and it's certainly an exercise in memory.  The act of writing becomes another  medium for downloading information into the brain.  When learning complicated games such as JiuJitsu the brain requires multiple downloads of the same information.  To get good fast... you must create variety in how the information is being introduced.  Same information, new angle.  Helping in the youth class, keeping a journal, it's all about giving the brain a look from a different perspective.  That brings us to the third and final piece of advice...

Record yourself training
Once in a while set up the phone and record the workout. Many of you do this anyway for social media purposes but you can, and should, do it as a training exercises as well.  Record your class then go home and watch it.  Take another look at the instructors example, then compare your own movements.  Again, this is simply to show the eyes and the brain a new look at the same information.  It's good to see yourself once in a while.  Often how we think we look..... is not how we look.  That is, until we do this on a regular basis.   Recording is not just a tool for learning.  Recording can track advancement, which in itself, imprints on the brain in a progressive manner.  

For some people showing up to the gym is strictly about business.  Ya know, get in, work out, get out and that's great!  Keep showing up!  For others, this is a different journey and I believe these three things may give you what you've been looking for.  

Thanks again for being part of my journey.  Have the best day of your life and as always.....forgive my grammatical errors. 

Lindsey Ford

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