5AM "You'll leave feeling better than when you walked in..."

5AM  "You'll leave feeling better than when you walked in..."

Feel too tired after work to do workout? 
Things add up, throughout your day, work, kids, scheduling, plans, money, stress, etc etc..
For those of us who put in FT hours (Jobs/Schooling), it's VERY easy to fall out of the  habit of exercising. Day 1 is an easy excuse "my rest day", then comes Day 2 "ahh I'll go tomorrow", Day 3 "I'll go back after this weekend", from there the vicious cycle takes over...
5AM. SOUNDS early, yes.. because it is.. to some. "Time is just a notion." When it comes to your goals, how much of YOUR time do you honestly invest to achieve them? For those of you who play video games, recount the time you spent 3-5+ hours grinding to get to the end. Not a gamer? What about binge watching Netflix/YouTube or the times you've been mindlessly scrolling Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.. 
This is YOUR life. Your choices are what impacts your life and those whom you surround yourself with. Something I remember my highschool principal stating EVERY single morning over the intercom.. "The choices you make today, shape your world tomorrow."
I present an opportunity to you, to stay with the program and to treat yourself the way you truly deserve. 
Wake up early, even if it's for ONE day a week. Start your day off right, come in to the morning class. I promise you, that you'll leave feeling better than when you first walked in the door. You'll learn something new. 
5AM, see you there.


Coach Mike

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